Experience Dubai desert safari like royalty – the vintage way

Imagine having a recurring dream of a trip to the magnificent desert and returning with a bag full of new and astonishing memories. Of course, the desert safari is a dream come true for most of us. However, the most fun part is to have a memorable drive through the desert while enjoying the local heritage in a vintage style! 

Now, you might wonder how to do so. The ultimate answer is our vintage Land Rovers: a natural beauty. Explore the ever-lasting dunes of Dubai in luxurious and dazzling vintage land rovers from the 1950s! 

Driving Through The Dunes: A Dubai Safari Vintage Experience

Dubai safari is a luxurious and glamorous experience made available just for you by the UAE government. To call it luxury will be the least justice given to this splendid experience, but here is an overview of the land rover in which you will travel across the desert that will take you on a straight-out-of-a-fantasy book experience! 

Before we get into the real nitty gritty, take a moment to envision exploring and discovering the vast dunes and oases stranded between the borders of Dubai and Oman. Then, driving through the gorgeous dunes in a vintage land rover with adventurous moments through sand boarding and dune bashing. 

Doesn’t that sound spectacular and exciting? If yes, stay a little longer because today is about the 1950s vintage land rovers, our main character! 

Beginning The Journey With An Exclusive Ride In An Iconic Car

Vintage Land Rovers are iconic, and everyone can agree with this statement. Undoubtedly, the immense aesthetically pleasing appearance with a fine history and evolution of these land rovers from the 1950s grabs the attention of every traveler. They go a long way back with the UAE. 

These vintage beauties were literally born in the sand. In 1947, Maurice Wilks drew the sketch of this Rover in the sand on a deserted stretch of beach in Wales thus the birth of these spectacular cars. The car quickly evolved to be classified as a multipurpose vehicle with a new version of the 5-door introduced in 1956. Through all its evolution one element stayed the same – its practicality. Every part is there for a reason. 

The cars are especially pertinent for harsh weather and desert terrain as they can endure high temperatures and have both on-road and off-road capabilities perfect for the beautiful Dubai terrain. These rough but elegant cars combined with the scenic landscapes of the desert are love at first sight without a doubt. 

Experience Of A Lifetime In The Vintage Way

The Land Rovers provided as your travel companion are the first ever vehicles introduced to the land of dunes in the 1950s. The earlier and only transportation of the region that helped the Bedouins embark on their journey was by relying on camels. 

Knowing this history and the significant moment of the emergence of these Land Rovers, experiencing the same in the 21st century through recreating such a moment is one of the most cherished moments for you to explore in life. 

The gorgeous vintage Land Rovers have an aura that cannot be compromised by replacing it with any other vehicle. It settles well with the hot gleaming desert and is exquisite, especially when viewed during the daytime. With its roots tied to the history and heritage of the Dubai desert, it is only natural that you get a similar vehicle when you embark on this journey to meet the vast sprawling land of the Dubai desert. 

Wrapping Up The Day With An Incredible Experience

We all crave constant changes; most of the time, these are through experiencing new adventures that we haven’t tried out before. 

Each time we go to a place, there is so much to unpack regarding memories and experiences from those places. So we recommend you not to contemplate anymore but start planning for your upcoming holidays in the desert, filled with deep-rooted history, surprises, and miracles, and with the most aesthetically pleasing and ravishing vintage land rovers to complete the unique experience. Ready to meet the spectacular land rovers during the trip? Let your dream be a reality!