Learn About The Desert-Dwellers – The Bedouin

– The Oldest Inhabitants Of The Arabian Desert

We travel to a place and always remember the one spot visited or where a beautiful moment, such as a sunset, was witnessed. But have you ever thought about the people who live there and can see the same things you enjoy and the memories you brought back of that one journey as a daily part of their lives? 

Today, let us embark on a trip and fall into the wonderment of the history of the local inhabitants of the Arabian deserts: the Bedouins.

A Brief Encounter With The Oldest Inhabitants Of The Desert 

If you are on the verge of spending your upcoming holidays in the Dubai desert, then stay a while to read about the locals you will meet during this extraordinary trip. For centuries, the Arabian desert has been the sole birthplace of the Arabic-speaking, nomadic people of the Middle East known as Bedouins. 

They have an interesting way of living depending on the region’s seasons. These locals of the desert are mostly animal herders and migrate to the desert in winter and return to the cultivated land when the summer season arrives. As you can imagine, their lives depend on the animals in the region; therefore, their communities are classified based on these animals. 

Most groups you meet around the Dubai desert are camel nomads. However, sheep and goat nomads also exist in much smaller groups than camel nomads. All the families in this community have a prominent head of the family, widely known as ‘Sheikh,’ assisted by a group of male elders. 

Beginning Of The Story

The aura of the desert is different. When you enter the dunes, you will be immediately hit by the magical touch intertwined with the region’s years of history and heritage. Believe it or not, it was once considered the holy land, and Bedouins were the only principal inhabitants of the area at the time. 

Many significant biblical characters were probably part of the Bedouin community. Given many names over the centuries, these communities were collectively known as ‘A’rab in the Quran and still follow the culture and heritage from biblical times. Bedouins converted to Islam in the 7th century. 

Most people in this community follow Islam as their religion even today. As traders, the Bedouins provide raw materials to the nearby villages and towns for a constant living. The story about Bedouins is limitless, and before you enter their region, try to understand their culture and heritage properly to have the best out of the experience! 

Marvellous Entertainment And Culture 

Bedouins care greatly about hospitality and treat their guests to the fullest. You will understand this once you reach the desert for the safari and get acquainted with any of the locals. At night, the dunes are beautiful, so Bedouins use this time to sit on the sand and drink tea or camel milk while admiring their homeland. If they spot any travelers nearby, they are also offered to share the moment with a cup of coffee.

The culture of this community is the oldest and a wonder. Bedouins give immense importance to traditional music, dance, and poetry, which will tranquilize and soothe spectators. Their traditional personal festivities include poetry recitation, sword dances, tent knitting, and performing traditional musical instruments. They spend their leisure activities by camel riding and camping in the blazing deserts you will experience during your adventurous safari. 

Now that we have learned a little bit about the splendid locals of the desert, here is a fun fact about them. The stories around the region have a myth that their songs are so compelling that they make camels arrive at their destination with much energy, but the camels would immediately fall and die from fatigue once the songs are stopped. 

The typical instruments used for singing, performing songs, and mesmerizing the camels are drums and single-string instruments, including one from biblical times called kinnor. 

There are endless marvels about Bedouins who guard and preserve the eternal bliss of the oasis and dunes. Return from the journey to your home by collecting these memories and stories from the past.

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