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Ever heard of the name ‘Birds of Prey’? Indeed most of us have seen a vulture or an eagle racing prey and then consuming it with the satisfaction of a winner. These majestic birds are fascinating and full of life, offering us a glimpse of being alive on this magical planet. 

If you are reading this, relax and make a cup of coffee to read the captivating experience of getting to know the heroes of today’s discussion. The Birds of Prey: Falcon edition!

Falconry: Travelling Back To Millenia

If you have decided to meet the dunes of Dubai, then you are in a treat for Falconry. Falcon Shows play a significant part in the history of Dubai, and they tie deeply to the region’s cultural and heritage roots. So if you arrive in Dubai, you must not return home without witnessing a Falcon Show and be ready to be spellbound by this hunting game involving the star of the show, the Falcons.

The relationship and bond between a man and the falcons go way back, right from the stone age. Shocking. It all started as a journey to indulge in one of many fascinations of humans; falcons were captured and tamed for hunting, breeding, and even farming. 

A Glimpse In The Arab World Of Falconry

Are you ready to read how Falconry became a significant sport in Arab countries? The story introduces Falconry in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf region, dating back to millennia BC. 

This practice was believed to be widespread in parts of Iraq around 3500 BC. The first person who captured and trained Falcons was an early king of present-day Saudi Arabia known as Al Harith bin Mu’awiya. However, the love and admiration for the Falcons did not end there. During olden times, Arab poets would write beautiful, stunning poems praising the Falcons. Falconry was inherited and traded to future generations by all kings and upper-class Arabs. 

As we know it, it is still a popular entertainment in the region without any hindrance. Falconry is a powerful hunting method that evokes practitioners’ patience, endurance, bravery, and self-reliance. 

Remarkable Ways Of Training The Falcons

Falconry is defined and written throughout history with the practice of its language and conditions. Among Falcons, the males are smaller than the females and are called tiercel. The equipment utilized by the Falconer is known as items of furniture. 

The centuries till the present day have seen many ways of hunting with a trained Falcon, but the principal basis remains the same. The main trick is to teach the Falcon that the Falconer is its primary source of food and comfort. This is a long-term process built with the complete trust and commitment of the Falcons. 

These specially curated techniques and steps define Falconry as a passionate sport in Arab countries. New Falcons are added to the purpose each time through a well-established selection process. It is similar to a selection process of humans to the police academy; the Falcons are evaluated based on their weight, size, age, and body condition. 

Right before the hunting season, the Falconers go through the data from the selection process and decide the Falcons that will be selected depending on their evaluations. The beginning stages of the training are mostly taming the Falcons for the feeding techniques and making them familiar with being hooded or unhooded. Afterward, they are well fed and, when in good condition, taken to the field for the actual training to participate in the Falconry or the hunting game. 

Talking about Falcons and Falconry is never-ending. Are you ready to witness the most incredible experience on the Dubai desert safari?