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Unveiling Heritage: The Essence of 57 Safari: Exploring the '57 Legacy

The name 57 Heritage Safari is inspired by Emirati culture, where the reference to a 1957 Land Rover is simply known as a 57. These Land Rovers, especially the 1950s series 1 and 2, hold significant historical importance in the Arabian desert as the pioneering vehicles introduced there.

Ahmed, an avid collector and proud owner of 200 vintage cars, notably Land Rovers, has passionately restored these vehicles, cherishing their historical value. His love for collecting cars, especially Land Rovers, has inspired the team behind 57 Safari –Hamdy and Boraik – to revive and showcase these iconic 1957 Land Rovers in the desert.

The team’s shared passion for vintage cars, particularly the 1957 Land Rovers, led to the creation of 57 Safari, dedicated to bringing these remarkable vehicles back to the desert tracks. Ahmed advises visitors to ensure the authenticity of the 1957 Land Rovers during their safari, emphasizing the left-hand drive feature, a characteristic prevalent in the Land Rovers of the 1950s.

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57 Safari: Our Exclusive Camp in Dubai's DDCR

At 57 Safari, our camp rests within the majestic Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), the UAE’s inaugural national park. This location is carefully chosen to honor our eco-friendly pledge. DDCR is a haven for diverse wildlife and plants, enriching the region’s heritage. We’re honored to be associated with this esteemed reserve, our camp being one of just two within its bounds, offering an exclusive experience. In our commitment to sustainability, 57 Safari Camp employs recycled materials, striving to reduce our environmental footprint and support the preservation of this precious desert ecosystem.

Discover Dubai's Desert Charms

At 57 Safari, our core mission is crafting unforgettable experiences where adventure merges seamlessly with heritage. Amidst Dubai’s dazzling lights and skyscrapers lies the pristine beauty of the expansive desert, a treasure awaiting discovery.

Embark on an enchanting journey with us, uncovering the captivating heritage within Dubai’s desert. Experience the thrill of desert safaris, dune bashing, and more, all while embracing the essence of this ancient land.

Let the desert’s landscapes and traditions enthrall you. 57 Safari is your gateway to an adventure where heritage and excitement converge, promising an enchanting and mesmerizing experience.

Ahmed Bin Shaik


Meet Ahmed Salem, the maestro of Classic Land Rovers, whose passion turns dreams into reality amidst the timeless allure of vintage cars. In his garage, over 150 classic beauties, dominated by the iconic Land Rovers, eagerly await their moment to shine against the backdrop of the Dubai desert.

Ahmed doesn’t just own these cars; he breathes life into them. He tucks them in at night and serenades them with lullabies, forging a connection that goes beyond mere ownership. For a decade, his dream resonated through the sands of Dubai – the roar of his ’57s conquering the mesmerizing dunes. Today, that dream stands as a vibrant reality, a testament to Ahmed’s indomitable spirit that not only conquers mountains but the very heart of the dunes.

But the story doesn’t end there. Driven by boundless creativity, Ahmed has crafted surprises to elevate your safari experience to unparalleled heights. Witness the birth of 57 Safari Dubai, an embodiment of Ahmed’s vision to see his beloved classics dominate the breathtaking desert landscape.

Get ready for an adventure that transcends the ordinary – a thrilling odyssey through Dubai’s conservation reserve. Buckle up and join Ahmed Salem, the visionary behind Classic Land Rovers, on a journey that promises not just a desert safari but an unforgettable masterpiece unfolding in the soul of Dubai’s pristine landscapes.