The Real Desert Experience – Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Humans are curious individuals who love exploring and making discoveries. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of us tend to keep a personal bucket list of travel plans. Who doesn’t like to visit every nook and corner of the world? Well, certainly you do because that’s why you are here. 

If you ever had a dream in which you were travelling through hot desert dunes and were going to witness the most spectacular day of your life, maybe you should stop for a second and read about an exciting and important place that is a part of fulfilling that dream of yours. 

Today we are visiting, well not in real (yet), but virtually, DDCR, one of the places in Dubai that could bring you unforgettable memories before you embark on the journey of your dreams into the desert! 

Diving Into The Past

You may wonder why we are diving into the past here; this is not a history class! However, let’s rewind to some years to understand DDCR. 

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) began its journey as a huge camel farm on the current land Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum bought in 1993. The rapid Desertification (desert encroachment) was seeing the loss of the last of Dubai’s natural fauna and flora. 

Today DDCR is a 225 sq km natural reserve in Dubai and the first national park in UAE, making it an exceptional opportunity for the seekers of the desert to get a complete experience of the heritage and wildlife of the region. 

It is filled with species of all types, including the rarest ones. Among the mammals found are the dog family, cat family, rabbits and hares, antelopes, hedgehogs, rodents, and bats. At the same time, trees such as mimosa, palm, buckthorn, and tamarisk are seen among other shrubs and herbs. There are also several reptiles and insects like the snake family, lizard family, spiders, and scorpions. 

Preserving and conserving all these species is not simple; therefore, the conservation team does full-time research as a tie-up with many UAE universities to improve and enhance the wildlife present in the DDCR. Currently, several kinds of research are being undertaken, like, monitoring the Arabian Oryx to study the changes in the intensity and timing of grazing and its effects, among many other initiatives and progressive steps for a better tomorrow. 

Experiences To Satisfy The Adventurer In You

Quench your thirst for adventure during a desert safari, starting from DDCR. As mentioned earlier, DDCR is more than a natural reserve. Here you can experience the natural heritage of this land that will leave you speechless with awe. 

From Camel Treks, where you will have an exceptional ride on top of the ship of the desert, to living through adventurous sports like Sandboarding, you can carry these memories for a lifetime. Apart from this, the famous Falcon Show will allow you to embrace the skills of this majestic bird, including the way it travels and catches its prey, which is as exciting as it sounds; worth every minute of your time

If camel riding is not in your cards, worry not because there are options for horse riding and hot air ballooning. You can also explore the wildlife and do dune driving through blazing desert sand, concluding with an exclusive camping and delicious private dinner to taste authentic local delicacies. 

Reaching The Desert Haven 

Concluding this piece by clarifying how to reach the DDCR while you are traveling to the desert. After reaching Dubai International Airport, you can arrive at DDCR within an hour through a drive. 

Dubai has well-established and excellent roads, so you can quickly get buses, cabs, or mini-vans to reach the natural reserve 60 km from the airport. However, if you decide to go along with a specific tour operator, then they will make the necessary arrangements for you. 

Returning With A Collection Of Memories 

Experience the never-ending oasis and mesmerizing dunes for collecting the best memories by visiting the DDCR and an adventurous desert safari! Visit between the months of October to March for a more soothing and enthralling experience with a divine night camping in the desert.